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Community Guidelines


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Our mission is to uplift our makers and fuel long-term economic & social empowerment for communities worldwide, all while utilizing sustainable manufacturing & fulfillment initiatives to bring you the very best in health products.


We believe there’s strength in community and that we are undoubtedly #bettertogether. The content we post on our social media platforms is intended to demonstrate the power of superior health products to make positive changes, spotlight these makers from around the globe, and add inspiration to our everyday lives.

We invite you to join us and to share your thoughts and questions on our social media platforms. However, we do ask that you do so with humanity and kindness, and that your comments are on-topic and respectful. Only together can we build a global, connected community that enriches our lives.


To foster this community vision, we will restrict and/or remove any content or individuals who use:

  • Disrespectful or hateful speech especially targeted at a specific community
  • Anything disgraceful, vulgar or inappropriate
  • Bullying, including yelling (all-caps), harassment, or trolling behavior
  • Anything fraudulent, deceptive, or misleading
  • Anything irrelevant, off-topic, or unintelligible
  • Duplicated posts despite issue being resolved
  • Defamatory or unfounded claims
  • Spamming or advertising other products

People who post content that violates our guidelines will be reported to the relevant social media network and, if the behavior continues, will be blocked from our community.