Aclarawell Recyclable 3D Mask with 98%+ Electro-spun Nanofiber Filtration

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Get the latest in material science with the innovative Aclarawell Mask. Made from an ultra-breathable fabric and providing 98%+ filtration, the "Aclara Layer" is an electro-spun nanofiber fused with rose bengal—a photosensitive organic compound used in antibacterial therapy applications that fades from pink to white, showing you when to change your mask. You can refer to the enclosed card for color clarification. These masks are made on demand in the US and can be returned for sustainable recycling. Learn More
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    It’s All in the Details

    Pink: 2 Layers, 1 layer of PLA spunbond 35 GSM white, 1 Aclarawell layer of 32 GSM (outside) Black: 3 Layers, 1 layer of PLA spunbond white, 1 Aclarawell layer of 32 GSM (outside), 1 layer of PLA spunbond 35 GSM Black
    Made in USA
    Every Aclarawell Mask sold means we make a donation to VIDA’s Global Education Scholarship Fund
    Non-washable, single-use. Replace Daily. Don’t throw me away. Return to VIDA for sustainable recycling.
    BFE & PPE 98%+ Filtration
    Our Eco-Friendly Masks contain UPF 30+
    8” W x 3.2” L (not including the ear loops).Size Chart
    < 5.0 Delta P, mm H20/cm2 (Pressure Differential); 160 mm Hg, high pressure irrigation (fluid resistance); Class 1 Flame Spread (fire & flame resistance). Certification: GB2626-2019 KN95 requirements
    The Aclara layer filter uses the latest technological advances in electrospun nanofibers, which make for an incredibly tight weave and capture particles as small as 0.30 µm
    Designed for consumer use only. Do not use for protection in a surgical or clinical setting. Does not provide a liquid protection barrier. Masks are personal use items and cannot be refunded.

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