Upgrade to VIDA's Premium Account to get more products and better deals!

Upgrade for $50/month to receive: 

  • Product of the month: Each month you will receive a discount code to purchase a product, up to a $75 value*
  • Special Wholesale Pricing: Members-only access to 45% off of $500+ every day of the year as long as you have an active Premium Account
  • Friendly Collection URL: Customize your VIDA Collection's URL to simplify or shorten it as needed, one time only
  • Premium Site: You will receive a FREE upgraded collection page to better tell your story and describe the inspiration behind your designs. (See a sample page here, standard price is $15 per month)

*Only one product will be shipped in this order, so please ensure you only have one product in your account. This monthly credit must be used by the end of the month it was received in.