jodi Burgess

Rocklin, United States

My world revolves around creative design, whether it be for the web, media, graphics or photography, it only seems natural to transfer that design on to clothing. I hope you enjoy the elegance of design.

Product View - iPhone Case titled Painted Walls iphone Case
Painted Walls iphone Case
iPhone Case
from 35.00 USD
Product View - Cashmere Modal Scarf titled Painted Walls Cashmere
Painted Walls Cashmere
Cashmere Modal Scarf
75.00 USD
Product View - Yoga Capri Pants titled Painted Walls Capris
Painted Walls Capris
Yoga Capri Pants
75.00 USD
Product View - Accent Pillow - Luster Oblong titled Painted Wall Pillow
Painted Wall Pillow
Accent Pillow - Luster Oblong
25.00 USD
Product View - Statement Bag titled Painted Walls Bag
Painted Walls Bag
Statement Bag
95.00 USD
Product View - Sheer Wrap titled Painted Walls Sheer Wrap
Painted Walls Sheer Wrap
Sheer Wrap
from 120.00 USD
Product View - Essential Top titled Painted Walls Top
Painted Walls Top
Essential Top
from 85.00 USD
Product View - Rectangular Pendant titled Painted Walls Pendant
Painted Walls Pendant
Rectangular Pendant
from 40.00 USD
Product View - Cashmere Silk Scarf titled Painted Walls Silk Scarf
Painted Walls Silk Scarf
Cashmere Silk Scarf
85.00 USD
Product View - Leather Statement Clutch titled Painted Walls Clutch
Painted Walls Clutch
Leather Statement Clutch
75.00 USD
Product View - Tote Bag titled Blue Hue Tote
Blue Hue Tote
Tote Bag
55.00 USD
Product View - Printed Racerback Top titled Blue Hue Tee
Blue Hue Tee
Printed Racerback Top
45.00 USD