Join us as we explore possibility and create opportunity through art in celebration of International Women’s Day.

Artists making change

We’ve highlighted three female artists who’ve used their work to express their belief in the power of women.

Corina Hazlett

To me, female empowerment means being able to restore women’s self-worth, so they understand they have the ability to participate fully in life. As women, we all have enormous ability to create, to contribute to society, and to achieve great things.

I have seen first hand the recovery and the growth that occurs after a traumatic event, once a person has the right services available to them. Art can play a pivotal role in this process.

Jenny Balisle

My work mimics how diversity strengthens humanity. When women reclaim one’s body image, size and shape becomes irrelevant. Education and community can empower and reflect positive realities inside and out.

Ariel Gold

As a mom I want to raise strong, independent daughters but in order to do that I need to let them discover the world and who they are. My daughter has been to a multitude of art shows but I try not to explain work to her, it's important she develop her own thoughts. I advocate for women by being a strong one myself, standing up for what is right, being a positive force in my community and raising the next generation to think freely and believe in the magic of fireflies.

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