Ian anderson - Feast

auckland, New Zealand

Art through the ages is an indelible part of humanities desire to portray‚Äč thoughts and cultural expressions through images. To look at original rock carving, language hieroglyphics, sculpture, oil painting, illustration and now digital illustrative photography you see echoes of times gone by and visions of futures dreamed. These inspirations are my expressions in the 21st century. ~ Ian Anderson

Flight of Purpose
Cupro Skirt
75.00 USD
Essential Top
from 105.00 USD
Flight of Purpose
Boatneck Boyfriend Tee
40.00 USD
The Mountain Daisies
Yoga Capri Pants
75.00 USD
Dreamtime Seeing
Essential Top
from 85.00 USD
Indigenous Pleasure
Cashmere Silk Scarf
115.00 USD
The Indigenous Journey
Sheer Wrap
from 120.00 USD
Autumns Glory
Modern Tee
from 65.00 USD