Gail Gallagher

Sag Harbor, New York, United States

Inspired by the Hamptons. Author of the web log "Painting the Hamptons"

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Product View - Leather Journal titled Peconic Journal
Peconic Journal
Leather Journal
70.00 USD
Product View - Leather Zip Around Wallet titled Peconic Wallet
Peconic Wallet
Leather Zip Around Wallet
115.00 USD
Product View - Men's Silk Pocket Square titled Peconic Pocket Square
Peconic Pocket Square
Men's Silk Pocket Square
45.00 USD
Product View - Charm Bracelet titled Shell Collection Bangle
Shell Collection Bangle
Charm Bracelet
from 45.00 USD
Product View - Silk Square Scarf titled Shell Collection Square
Shell Collection Square
Silk Square Scarf
125.00 USD
Product View - Modal Scarf titled Shell Collection
Shell Collection
Modal Scarf
45.00 USD
Product View - Statement Bag titled Peconic Tote
Peconic Tote
Statement Bag
95.00 USD
Product View - Sheer Wrap titled Peconic Wrap
Peconic Wrap
Sheer Wrap
from 120.00 USD
Product View - Statement Clutch titled Peconic Clutch
Peconic Clutch
Statement Clutch
40.00 USD