Gayle Rappaport - Weiland

Pismo Beach , California, United States

Gayle creates signature impressionistic works, using watercolor, acrylic, and mixed media. Her qualifications and expertise, as an artist, teacher, host of the Art Revealed Show curator, speaker, demonstrator, juror and consultant are widely recognized and respected.

Product View - Modal Scarf titled Technicolor Dream
Technicolor Dream
Modal Scarf
40.00 USD
Product View - Modern Tee titled Crystal Blue Persuasion
Crystal Blue Persuasion
Modern Tee
65.00 USD from 39.00 USD
Product View - Tote Bag titled Unforgettable Poppies
Unforgettable Poppies
Tote Bag
55.00 USD
Product View - Pendant titled Silver Angel Within
Silver Angel Within
300.00 USD
Product View - Earrings titled Sunrise
150.00 USD
Product View - Sleeveless Top titled A Slice of Orange
A Slice of Orange
Sleeveless Top
from 75.00 USD
Product View - Printed Racerback Top titled A Sice of Orange
A Sice of Orange
Printed Racerback Top
45.00 USD
Product View - Modal Scarf titled Slice of Orange
Slice of Orange
Modal Scarf
40.00 USD
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