Emily Page

Raleigh, United States

As an artist, I'm a restless spirit, so you'll see a wide range of styles in my artwork. I work mostly in oil and acrylic, though I also do some mixed media work. You can see more of my work at www.EmilyPageArt.com.

Product View - Statement Bag titled Daisy Splashes Bag
Daisy Splashes Bag
Statement Bag
115.00 USD
Product View - Printed Racerback Top titled Daisy Splashes Tank
Daisy Splashes Tank
Printed Racerback Top
55.00 USD
Product View - Leather Statement Clutch titled Daisy Splashes Clutch
Daisy Splashes Clutch
Leather Statement Clutch
85.00 USD
Product View - Cashmere Modal Scarf titled Daisy Splashes Scarf
Daisy Splashes Scarf
Cashmere Modal Scarf
85.00 USD
Product View - Cashmere Silk Scarf titled Daisy Splashes Silk Scarf
Daisy Splashes Silk Scarf
Cashmere Silk Scarf
95.00 USD
Product View - Modern Tee titled Daisy Splashes Shirt
Daisy Splashes Shirt
Modern Tee
from 75.00 USD
Product View - Sheer Wrap titled Daisy Dripping Sheer Wrap
Daisy Dripping Sheer Wrap
Sheer Wrap
from 130.00 USD
Product View - iPhone Case titled Daisy Dripping Phone Case
Daisy Dripping Phone Case
iPhone Case
from 45.00 USD
Product View - Sleeveless Top titled Daisy Dripping Sleeveless
Daisy Dripping Sleeveless
Sleeveless Top
from 85.00 USD
Product View - Tote Bag titled Daisy Dripping Tote
Daisy Dripping Tote
Tote Bag
55.00 USD
Product View - Statement Clutch titled Daisy Dripping clutch
Daisy Dripping clutch
Statement Clutch
55.00 USD
Product View - Essential Top titled Daisy Dripping Blouse
Daisy Dripping Blouse
Essential Top
from 95.00 USD