Cynthia GAIL Manor

austin, United States

Cynthia Manor is an IT professional/digital artist with a passion for creating colorful, African inspired tribal designs as well as abstract and nature-themed art. She works in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Her "brands" are "Anointed Design by Cynthia" and "Colors of Africa Art and Design".

Product View - Cashmere Silk Scarf titled Zinnia Inca
Zinnia Inca
Cashmere Silk Scarf
85.00 USD
Product View - Cashmere Modal Scarf titled HER GREATNESS ADINKRAHENE
Cashmere Modal Scarf
75.00 USD
Product View - Silk Square Scarf titled Evening Palette Bloom
Evening Palette Bloom
Silk Square Scarf
95.00 USD