Oakland, United States

Corviid is a multi-media artist with a surreal macabre aesthetic. She is a painter, illustrator, sculptor, jeweler, fashion designer, installation artist, choreographer and performer. Her work is influenced by philosophy, ecology, natural history, occult, scientific illustration, sacred geometry, duality & dialectical monism, and the cycle of life and death. See more of her work at deathvine.com

Vulpine Furl Top
Essential Top
from 85.00 USD
Baphomet Knit Sleeveless
Sleeveless Knit Top
40.00 USD
Deerly Departed Top
Essential Top
from 85.00 USD
Antipodal Ouroboros Tee
Unisex Tee - Front Print
from 45.00 USD
Baphomet Modern Tee
Modern Tee
from 65.00 USD