Clytie Mead

Ahualoa, Hawaii, United States

Clytie lives and works on the Big Island, where she paints native Hawaiian blossoms and exotic tropical flowers. Her preferred medium is the ancient Chinese painting technique of watercolor on silk. She is proud to present these images from her most recent work.

Yellow Lehua
Modern Tee
from 65.00 USD
Hawaiian Hapu'u
Unisex Tee - Full Print
from 50.00 USD
Hawaiian Dracaena
Cashmere Silk Scarf
85.00 USD
Lehua Blossom
Essential Top
from 85.00 USD
Coral Lehua
Sleeveless Top
from 75.00 USD
Hawaian Forest Rainbow
Silk Square Scarf
95.00 USD
Hawaiian Hapu'u
Foldaway Tote
25.00 USD
Hawaiian Sandalwood
Foldaway Tote
25.00 USD