Jennifer Designs 4 You

Las Vegas, United States

My VIDA designs highlight our planet’s fragile natural beauty and its importance as humanity's shared and only home. When you buy and wear or use any of my VIDA creations, you support my digital art's call for natural and cultural conservation as well as VIDA’s mission “to rebuild commerce – for the mindful, global citizens of the modern world" and to expand literacy in developing countries.

Neon Sunset Flair
Cupro Skirt
75.00 USD
Calathea Jungle-Red
Cashmere Silk Scarf
85.00 USD
Moths and Owls Mirage
Unisex Tee - Full Print
from 50.00 USD
Ley Lines - Sedona
Unisex Tee - Full Print
from 50.00 USD
Golden Tecoma Lattice
Men's Silk Pocket Square
45.00 USD
Yucca Flower Lace
Modern Tee
from 65.00 USD
Yucca Cluster Lace
Essential Top
from 85.00 USD
Yucca Blossoms Lace
Sleeveless Top
from 75.00 USD