Elizabeth moore

Saint Louis, United States

I hope you will enjoy wearing original art created to share the beauty of St. Louis parks. As a fine artist and master gardener, I enjoy photographing and then painting botanicals and landscapes in oil on canvas, capturing a moment in time where light, color and energetic brush strokes reflect nature transitioning from spring to summer and fall into winter.

Product View - Sheer Wrap titled Burning Heart
Burning Heart
Sheer Wrap
from 120.00 USD
Product View - Medium Accent Candle titled Burning Heart Candle
Burning Heart Candle
Medium Accent Candle
35.00 USD
Product View - Yoga Capri Pants titled Burning Heart Capri
Burning Heart Capri
Yoga Capri Pants
75.00 USD
Product View - Cashmere Modal Scarf titled Burning Heart Cashmere
Burning Heart Cashmere
Cashmere Modal Scarf
75.00 USD
Product View - Statement Clutch titled Burning Heart Clutch
Burning Heart Clutch
Statement Clutch
40.00 USD
Product View - Leather Passport Case titled Burning Heart Passport
Burning Heart Passport
Leather Passport Case
50.00 USD
Product View - Short Pendant titled Burning Heart Pendant
Burning Heart Pendant
Short Pendant
from 40.00 USD
Product View - Modal Scarf titled Burning Heart Scarf
Burning Heart Scarf
Modal Scarf
40.00 USD
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